Halo Infinite Campaign DLC Reportedly Not Arriving Before 2025

Halo Infinite Campaign DLC Reportedly Not Arriving Before 2025

Halo Infinite has yet to receive any campaign DLC since its launch last year, and, based on a new rumor, it appears that the expansion won’t be arriving before 2025. Joseph Staton, the head of creative for Halo Infinite, will have full charge of the campaign DLC, and the direction that the story takes going forward.

Sean also discussed the Battle Royale mode that is being developed by Certain Affinity. He said that the Battle Royale map will have at least two maps from the original Halo games, specifically Halo 2 and Halo 3.

The player count is currently 60 player, but the studio is trying to increase it to around 75 players. Gameplay-wise, it’s the same as the core gameplay of Halo Infinite. However, it will have loot boxes with tiered versions of all the weapons.

Sean claims that the earliest that the Battle Royale is currently planned for launch is in Fall 2023, which means it’s over a year away from release. The studio is trying to finish work on it as early as possible, but given that the Battle Royale map still needs a lot of work, it isn’t likely to arrive before the end of 2023.

As for downloadable content for the Halo Infinite campaign, Sean said that it is indeed coming, and players will be fighting the Endless on a “varied” world. He speculated that it won’t be in addition to the Zeta Halo campaign world, but rather a brand new setting and world. According to Sean, the DLC will be as sizeable as the Halo Infinite campaign itself. However, given that the project is in a very early state, fans won’t be getting their hands on the campaign DLC for Halo Infinite until after 2024, implying that it will essentially be a 2025 release.

Sean noted that the late release for Halo Infinite’s DLC shouldn’t come as a shock to fans, as other first-party Xbox games are facing similar delays, such as Playground Games’ Fable game or Obsidian’s Avowed. Starfield has also missed its original release window, and may even see further delay, given how Bethesda has only recently offered a first look at the game.

Lastly, Sean offered some new details regarding Halo Infinite’s Forge mode. As of right now, Forge may see release sooner than fans expect. However, he mentioned that the studio is heavily leaning on the content created by the Forge community to potentially fill the void, so to speak. Due to this, the mode may create some negative controversy because of one certain plan the studio has for it, but only if it isn’t handled well.

Only time will tell what the aforementioned Forge-related controversy may be, but Sean expects that the community will eventually figure it out. For now, if all of Sean W’s information is accurate, 343 Industries’ campaign DLC for Halo Infinite and Certain Affinity’s Battle Royale mode are years away from release, and fans will have to wait longer than expected to play either of them.

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