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The Biggest Threat Facing Batgirl Is An Internet Troll

The following article contains spoilers from Batgirls #7, on sale now from DC Comics.

For a long time now, Oracle’s nemesis, Seer, has been an enigma. All that was truly certain about her was that she was almost as gifted a hacker as Oracle is, and that she seems to exist purely to incite chaos. However, Batgirls #7 (by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Robbi Rodriguez, Rico Renzi, and Becca Carey) finally gave readers some insight into who Seer, (aka Kira Kosov) truly is as well as what may motivate her.

Far from being some adult nemesis, Seer is actually a young girl, undoubtedly gifted, but far from the intimidating master of cyber warfare that has been propped up for so long. Revelations about her past makes it clear that although she is a mystery to nearly everyone, all Seer really wants is attention. Unfortunately, her chosen method of attaining the attention she craves causes chaos for not only the Bat-Family but Gotham City as a whole.

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Kira Kosov was born to parents who were severely lacking in showing her love and attention. They raised her largely as an afterthought, pursuing their own lives and careers while she sat in the background, completely ignored. As it turns out, one of the careers her father had been working for the Penguin. When he was arrested, this left Kira even more alone. No one paid her any attention when her life was somewhat stable, and things became even worse when it fell apart.

Kira however, had one thing going for her: her computer skills. She took advantage of them, wiping her identity from the record, and then creating the new persona of Seer. Under her new identity, Kosov has caused a fair amount of trouble, from tricking the Saints into working for her, to ruining the Batgirls’ reputations, and of course, crashing Oracle’s network.

With the knowledge that Seer is essentially a child who grew up without proper parental supervision or care, her misdeeds now appear in a new light. Despite all the horrible things she’s done, Kira has not even stated a clear motive. It’s very possible that all she really wants is attention and is willing to cause all manner of chaos to achieve that goal.

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From this perspective, it isn’t hard ot see the child behind the persona. All her life, Seer has barely had a presence in the mind of others. She never really got love or even a modicum of acknowledgment. Her parents didn’t really want her and when they vanished no one else cared enough to step in and help. A child in these circumstances would do just about anything to get some attention, even if it was that attention was negative, just to remind the world that she matters.

The life of Seer brings to mind the old proverb “The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.” That is exactly what Kosov has done in Gotham, and the attention she has gained from the Bat-Family has inadvertently vaildated her actions.

Ultimately, all of this comes across as the worst tragedy. Seer is a gifted child who didn’t deserve the life she was given. If she had more positve influences in her life, she may have turned out to be a brilliant addition to general society instead of a nemesis to the vigilante protectors of the city.

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